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Admitted Student Tours

Daily Campus Visits

We host twice-daily Admissions Information Sessions which include a an admissions overview and student-led tour of campus. We also offer a growing number of opportunities to personalize your visit and connect individually with academic programs. 


Virtaul Tour of UNC

Virtual Campus Tours

Explore UNC's campus from the comfort of your home – or wherever you might be!

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UNC Ambassador during a walking tour

School Group Tour Experiences

High school and community groups are invited to bring up to 60 students for an approximately hour and a half visit experience. Availability is limited and sesions will fill. Questions? Email groupvisits@masmke.com

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Transfer Days!

Transfer Days are designed to meet the needs of those students who are currently attending another college or university, or, who have previously attended another college after high school graduation or completion.

All Transfer Days include a university overview, tour of campus that will visit at least one residence hall, a transfer credit evaluation workshop, and your choice of breakout sessions on housing, financial aid and transfer support services.

Transfer Days are free to attend. 

Bear Country

Located in Greeley, a city of more than 105,000 residents and just an hour’s drive north of Denver, UNC is close to shopping, dining, theaters, music venues, outdoor trails, parks, a vibrant downtown and so much more! Discover what it means to become part of Bear Country — a connected, inclusive and growing community. There's something special about this place, but don't just take our word for it...

Discover Greeley